All manus are being renewed now. 

Teriyaki chicken DONBURI

+ Today’s seasonal vegetable for side dish

+ Today's  soup 

Braised Meat and Potatoes "NIKU-JYAGA"
+ Onigiri
+ Today's miso soup 
Bento “ lunch box”
+ Today's soup 

"Okonomiyaki"  Savory Japanese style pizza   It's very popular in Osaka area.

+ Stir fly noodle

Katu Curry   It's japanese curry with rice

(Katu use often pork in Japan but if you prefer Chicken, I can prepare it)

+ Today's salad

Japanese style fried dumpring "Gyoza"   

+ Steamed chicken and tomato salada with sesame sauce

Rolled Sushi 

* We'll make two typs of sushi; traditional one and reverse roll 

+ Savory steamed egg custard

+ Miso soup 

Ramen -- rich and creamy soup with a bit spicy meanced meat and veg  

+ Onigiri

Kimpab -- korean style rolled sushi 

(The rice is used sesame oil, salt, sesame)

+ Side dish

+ Today's soup