Class information


Run at 1-3 persons in total.

※Takoyaki party runs at 3-4 person in total 

Min: 1

Max: 3 or 4 

Age under 10 is not allowed to join all classes.

Small group lesson with relaxing, homelike atmosphere!


11:00~14:00 (including mealtime.) 2~3 hours

※Takoyaki party: Time of the class, two hours, can be flexble between 11:00 and 18:00. 

★If you want to change starting time, please let me know.

★You don't need to tidy up and do the dishes.


All ingredients  / Drinks / Apron / Recipe 


Place: My house in Meguro-ku Tokyo.

Around 6 minutes walk from Musashikoyama station, "武蔵小山", which is two stations away from Meguro station.

It takes 15-20 minuets from Shibuya or Shinjuku.

Train: Tokyu-meguro line, Mita line and Nanboku line.

★I'll inform you of more details when booking.