Japanese home-style cooking class in English!

You can learn Japanese foods at cozy kitchen. The class is for anyone who has ever wanted to make Japanese food, but doesn't know where to start. Most of recipes in my lesson are very simple, easy to make in 15 to 40 mintes and use ingredients found an ordinary supermarket in London and typical Japanese seasoning. I will show you and explain how to use. Though I used to make authentic Japanese dashi both from scrach in my class, but I use chicken powder or dashi powder insted of  authentic Japanese dashi broth which made from dried bonito and kelp in abroad. Because It's so hard to find good ingredient for dashi, even if I found but it's too expencive to buy.  But even in Japan we often use dashi and chicken broth, usually in powder form, for many dishes in daily life. 
* I can teach you Asian food as well as Japanese food!! 

- Features -

・Hands on cooking class

・Learn how to make  japanese typical meals or Asian dishes. 

・Cook at casual and homely my home.

・Know more about Japan via cooking experience.

・Small group 1-3 persons in total with relaxing ambience.

・I can arrange menus what you want. 

・Recipes in English. 

・Have a good memory and amazing experience!