You can make Takoyaki at home!

It’s really fun to make Takoyaki even for kids. She wanted to have a memorial time with family in Tokyo, so she chose Takoyaki party class.

In this party, you can enjoy putting many kinds of ingredients such as octopus, tsuna, cheese, sausage, the Takoyaki mixture.
Kids liked cheese and sausage Takoyaki!
She and her husband liked Takoyaki into Dashi soup.
They were so excited to make Takoyaki!!! 

I’m so happy to hear about that she got a Takoyaki pan at a grocery store which sells Japanese tools and foods after come back to HongKong(^^)!!! 
They have already known how to make Takoyaki at home! I guess they have Takoyaki at least once a week! Hahaha

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