Enjoy cooking & making Bento ♪

A food lover from HongKong joined my bento class.She visits Tokyo many times, so he was looking for other activities besides shopping and sightseeing!

It was really fun time for me. Because She was interested in Japanese seasonings and vegetables! I realized why she likes cooking, because she told me that she used to cook for her young brothers insted of busy mom when she was young!

We talked a lot during cooking about not only food but also family, business, future...etc.  

Thank you for taking my class! I enjoyed so much(^^)

She wrote review for me on Airbnbexperience. ↓ Thanks♪

I go to Japan several times a year, already got tired of shopping, eating and sight-seeing. It’s my first time to have home cooking class that allows me to experience something new. Hitomi san is a very nice and kind lady. She taught me how to make some simple but tasty Japanese traditional food. I choose “Bento (lunchbox) from her menu. After spending two hours, I was able to make a very cute and delicious lunchbox! We had lunchbox together and Hitomi san prepared a super tasty green tea pudding for me! I enjoyed a lot the time in her home and the class! Highly recommend this to friends who like Japanese food and culture! Recipe was given so I can try to cook after back to home country. A very good experience out of normal travel. I showed my Bento photos to my friends, all of them want to order from me! P.S. Do eat something before the class, otherwise you will regret in front of the good smell of food XD

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

Japanese home-style cooking class in English