Braised meat and potatoes lesson!

Braised meat and potatoes, “Nikujaga”, is a representative Japanese homemade dishes.
The Guests from HongKong chose it from menu! Because They were interested in Japanese basic homestyle cooking. 
I was a bit nervous to teach Nijujaga even I have cooked it many times. Because It was first time to teach Nikujaga in English. Hahaha. But, We had conversation so much on my way back home together before cooking, so I did relaxed!!! Their cheerful character also made me relax! 
Thank you for taking my class! I’m so happy to meet you and have a fun time via cooking (^^)  

- Review♪-
Thanks Hitomi. It was great fun having your cooking class. Food is nice & I will try to make it when I am bak in HK. Let's catch up when I am in town again. 

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

Japanese home-style cooking class in English