Cooking class with nice couple!

A guests were from Japan and USA couple!
They live in Tokyo now. The reason why they wanted to cook Japanese traditional or mama’s cooking was that she grew up abroad and Her mother cooked Europian style cuisine at that time, so she didn’t know how to cook authentic typical Japanese homemade dishes. 
One more key point was he loves Japanese foods:)
They chose Braised meat and potatoes “Nikujaga “course include Nikujaga, rolled egg omelette, boiled green vegetable with seasonings and miso soup.

Every meals in this course use Dashi broth which made from dried kelp and bonito flakes.
I can tell you, Dashi is really important to be delicious. So, We made Dashi stock from scratch! 
Luckily, I taught them cooking in Japanese in this class. They can speak Japanese well even he moved to Japan few months ago.

Thank you for coming over Cozy Kitchen Hitomi! I’m so glad to have enjoyable time with you:) I hope we have a chance to meet again at my kitchen or Japanese bar! Hahaha

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Japanese home-style cooking class in English