Bento class with family

The guests were happy persons from Xi’an China. She has visited Japan many times, but her mother was first time to visit Japan! So she looked for some activities her mother likes to have memorial time with family. 
But she asked me before booking via Airbnb experience that she could bring three years daughter, her photographer and driver who can be translate!
My answer was totally “Yes!! Of course”.

I was excited to meet her family and photographer! Because she brought her own photographer!!! That why I changed the cooking place on the table using small gas stove. Below this ↓
I think It’s successful idea to take good photos or videos by professional photographer. Hahaha! 
They seemed to enjoy cooking! I was so happy to see their good smile.
Her daughter also likes Japanese meals! 
She was so cute and lovely girl!!!
Thanks you for taking my bento class! I was really enjoyed with you(^^) 

I got a review after class♪

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