Gyoza class with lovely family

My friend’s friend came over my kitchen!
Thanks you for inviting my class♡
It’s first time to visit Japan and have a Japanese cooking class for them. I was so excited to hear about that.

We discussed about menus beforehand using whatup. 
Finally the menus fixed! Gyoza, Clam soup, Takoyaki ,Matcha pudding. It’s amazing menus!!! 
But after fixing menus, I noticed that they can’t eat pork. Oh no!! I normally use pork with gyoza. But she gave me a new idea Shrimp or Chicken gyoza instead of pork.
Oh sounds nice!!! Then, I tried shrimp and chicken mix gyoza next day.
It’s super nice and tasty than normal pork gyoza. I made shrimp and chicken recipes quickly!
So that’s why, I could teach gyoza to them and enjoy making Takoyaki together(^^)

Especially,Kids like cooking so much. I guess They will be a chef in the future.
That’s so nice and fantastic night!!!

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

Japanese home-style cooking class in English