New! Fish Bento

Normal my bento class use meat for main dish. But I know some people can’t eat meat. A guest who booked my bento class asked me in advance, “ Can you arrange bento dishes for me? I can’t meat, bacon, sausage made from meat.but I love fish”  I think it’s good timing for me to come up with new recipes for the people who can not eat meat.  I corrected “Sure!! I can “. Hahahahaha. Then I tried to cook fish dishes suitable for bento few times. Finally I made new recipe “Deep fry fish with Japanese masterd sauce “ and I found a sausage from fish paste!
I have already cooked them at bento class few times. They liked it so much! I’m so happy to see their smiling:)
I wanna challenge new recipes for guest every time (^ ^)
Thank you for taking my class!

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