Making Gyo-za is so fun!

Hi there! 
Have you ever make gyo-za yourself at home?  
Guests from Ireland and Japan wanted to know how to make Japanese dumpling, so they took this class! 
Gyo-za class is so fun to make gyoza shape together. Don’t worry, if it’s first time for you to make it, You can create a beautiful gyo-za shape few times later. 
We cooked gyo-za (you dan choose pork or shrimp) , chicken salad with sesame dressing and miso soup with clam.
They took this class each other, but they enjoyed chatting and cooking together in the class.
I think it’s easily to make friend via cooking experience!
I have several menus and I can arrange menu for you:)
If you are interested in Japanese home style cooking, Why don’t you come to my kitchen? 

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

Japanese home-style cooking class in English