Seasonal menu starts!

Japan has four seasons.
Spring is beautiful cherry blossoms season,
Summer is incredible fireworks season, Fall is autumn colors and held some festivals, Winter is you could see a beautiful snow and enjoy winter sport.
As there are four season, foods has season as well. 
Now is spring season. I see various spring vegetables, fruits, fish in spring season in a grocery store.
I like to use seasonal foods for cooking! So, I decided to make seasonal menus in my class.  
Now is the best season for bamboos shoot and clam” Asari”!  
I made the spring menu using these foods.
Cooked rice with Bamboo shoot, clam soup (miso soup or clear soup) is really good combination:)
Are you interested in Japanese seasonal foods or seasonal menu? 
If you are in Japan now or will visit Japan soon, you can taste spring foods!
Let’s have a wonderful cooking time with me(^^). 
Please contact me via email or instagram message!

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