“Katsu” Don means...

Hello! Everyone.
Katsu is one of our favorite Japanese food.

Do you know the meaning of Katsu?

Its meaning is same as cutlet, put meat on egg, flour, panko and then deep fry.
Cutlet in Japanese is Katsuretto. But Katsuretto seems long name, so we abbreviated it to Katsu.

Katsu has another meaning.
Katsu in Japanese means win or pass.
So that’s why, Katsu curry or Katsu Don are often eaten before taking exam and sport festival in Japan.

When I was a student, My mother used to cook Katsu Don for me. Thanks to mom I could pass exam all time:) 

By the way, “Don” means Rice is placed in s bowl which is larger than a normal rice bowl and then topping and broth are poured on the top.

There is a wide variety of rice bowl dishes with many toppings including meats, fish and vegetables. 
 Don is shortoned to Don. 

We normally use pork in Japan as Katsu Don or Katsu curry. But in London, I rather use chicken! 
(I tried to cook both,  Chicken Katsu was more juicy) 

Today, My British friend came over to my kitchen to taste my recipes. 
I cooked Katsu Don. 
Hope he likes it.......

He said “Amazing! It’s the best lunch I’ve ever had in London” 

Oh, goodness ! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
The taste check was passed.
I will be able to add Katsu Don in my class♪

Thank you for coming my kitchen and taking nice photo!

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