Keep in touch

Hello everyone!
How are you? 
It has been cold day in London. Winter season is coming around the corner!

Recently I met the beautiful woman in London. Who is she? 
 She was a guest for joining my cooking class in Tokyo:). 
Unexpected wonderful time!!!

They live and work in Tokyo. They are interested in Japanese cooking.  but There are a few Japanese cooking class in English.
She sent me a message via Instagram!
I arranged the date and finally we met her and her lovely friends.
We enjoyed cooking and chatting so much. It’s one of my great memories of cooking class in Tokyo.

Few months later, She sent me a message again. “I will visit London in November “
I’m so happy to hear from her.
She remembers me and she read my blog or check Instagram :)
This is how I met her again in London.

She told me “ You should start Japanese cooking class in London” 
Thank you so much!

I am preparing for new cooking class in here now. Inform you soon when I’m ready:) 

Actually she moved to Paris now. She already misses Japan and Japanese food.
When I open my cooking class, she would like to join my cooking class again! 

Some of the guests are connected with me on Instagram. When you will visit London, Contact me if you want. Let’s have a coffee or drinking with me. On the other hand, you will be able to learn Japanese or Asian cooking with me! 

Keep in touch.
Don’t hesitate to contact meヽ(*´∀`)

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

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