Gyo-za and hot soup lesson with friend

Hello everyone!
How are you? 
Almost winter season is coming around the corner in London.

Hot soup is really good meals to get warm in winter season. 

This is new recipe! Dumping soup!
This yellow color dumping is called “Wantan “one of kind Dumpings.
I taught My friend how to make two dumplings. Gyo-za and Wantan.

This is Gyoza ↓
It was first time to cook Japanese meals for her. 

Making Gyoza and Wantan are really fun experience! 
She enjoyed cooking sooo much!
I am happy to see her smile.

Probably you can see cooked Gyoza at the supermarket or Japanese style shop.

But I want you to eat Homemade Gyoza!!
It is so delicious! Amazing!
You can taste totally different from cooked gyoza. 

Now Pre open period.
If you’d like to join my class, I can discount for you:) 

When you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. 
Looking forward to seeing you.

Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

Japanese home-style cooking class in English