Bento life

Hi Everyone!
How are you?

Do you make Bento for yourself or family?
Bento is like a packed lunch box which is brought to office or school.

I didn’t make Bento for my husband when I lived in Tokyo. Because His company has canteen. I was so lucky!

But now I often make Bento. 
His Bento life and my cooking bento life has just started for saving money and health maintenance.

Making bento at morning seems hard!
But once you get used to make it,  You could make it within 15 minutes.

You don’t need to prepare everything at morning!
We often use leftovers or frozen food.

These are Bento I made recently:)
Grilled Salmon with rice, Rolled egg, Pork and vegetables sautéed 
Boiled egg, Beef and vegetable sautéed, kidney beans with sesame sauce.
Dried curry, Mashroom and vegetable sautéed, tomato salad
Potate salad, Chicken with vegetable sautéed

Making Bento is so fun for me!  
Indeed, I love cooking ♡

By the way, I got a chef hat !!! 
Can you see me the cookery chef? Haha
My friend who is a professional pâtissier chef gave me it:) Thank you! 

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